Friday, January 25, 2013

dont play with my mandolin

well yesterday started out good, but ended with a trip to the medi centre
The shopper was coming for dinner I decided to make broccoli and sirloin lettuce wraps
low fat and very good
I decided I wanted to do matchstick carrots and pulled out my 
brand new never been used Mandolin, yes I was playing top
chef I was doing the carrots and decided to use another
blade, so to make a long story short, the blade went into
my finger and cut it down to the bone.  Now I am all alone
so I am very calm and go and get the first aid kit
and bandage it up.  And continue on cooking, but the mandolin is now put away never to be used again.
The bandages are getting soaked with blood so I decide to go
to the Medi Centre.  2 stiches later I am home and cooking supper.
The only thing that hurt the worst was the freezing going into my finger.
So now I have a big honking bandage on my finger, and a plastic bag because I
cant get it wet. So I look like a total dork, but guess what finger it is, not the nice one,
so I am hoping some idiot will honk at me, and he wont be able to miss the finger.


  1. so it's that finger. be careful who you show it too. so sorry. which hand? hope it doesn't keep you from creating.

  2. Too bad for your finger ... I wish you be well, soon, be careful with that finger this use of it is very important ....!!. Besides your need hand to keep doing the as beautiful work as that you published today. I love it is very beautiful.

  3. You cut THAT finger, huh! You gotta be careful with those sharp edges. Like Mayra said, you need those fingers to keep creating your beautiful art. I love this piece!! And you are rare!

  4. I hope your finger won't trouble you too much. My experience is that a hurt finger tends to touch everything. Keep on making your art, your collages are stunning.

  5. OMG! didn't you know that artists should NEVER use sharp knives? you must learn to cut carrots and such with a butter knife or use a thing called a husband! you know I kid. glad you are on the mend - please be careful! this work of art is beautiful!

  6. OH no poor you.... those mandolines are deadly... and also graters... I have graated my fingers more than the food so many times! tkae care of that finger!

  7. Ouch! I live in fear of my mandolin. Hope you heal quickly!

  8. I've done the same mandolin thing, minus the stitches, but I remember the pain and the annoyance with myself. I still use my mandolin, but I always, always use the finger guard.

    Today's work is so striking! Love it!

    And it's a delight to see that your sense of humor is intact! Be safe!

  9. Love your "be rare" collage. It is beautiful. I am laughing and hoping someone allows you some use of the finger. Hope it heals soon. xx


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