Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lady in Red

I decided to finish the week with my ladies
since I have many more drawn and not shown
as you can tell from most of my art
my go to colour is red
 the only thing in my cupboard
that I have which is red is my winter coat
and I never wear red lipstick like my ladies
do you have a colour which you always use
in your art?


  1. I have a red winter coat, too, and love it, though I only get to wear it a couple of days a year. It's my "little red riding hood" coat and probably hopelessly out of style.

    I use a lot of pastels, even my dragons are pastel...huummmm?

  2. It's very elegant a lady in red. I like her look haughty.
    My favorite colors are ocher, with them feel as sense of warmth,
    I use them a lot in my work,
      and almost never wear makeup but ... when I use it, I like ocher colors too.

  3. Now I have the song The Lady in Red in my mind. She is very chic!

  4. I like red too. I love this lady she looks a much older and sophisticated woman, who is very cultured. I have liked and enjoyed all of your ladies and each one you draw is unique! whats next Lee?

  5. I use red quite a lot in art...also blues and greens.

    Your Lady in Red looks very sophisticated and elegant. Love her!

  6. OH YEAH, this is for sure a lady in red! Wonderful capture :))))


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