Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pattern Play

I love pattern and in another life would loved to be a surface designer
and have my patterns on sheets and bags, 

wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments about my interview
you to can do it, all you have to do is email her and she sends you
some questions and you get to pick which ones you answer and
you can take as long as you like answering them, go ahead try it,
I would love to read your interview
today is all about getting my stiches out of my finger
going out for lunch with hubby
walking the dog (it has warmed up here thank god)
having leftovers
and doing some art hopefully, whats your day look like?


  1. Lee, I love patterns too. Have you ever seen any of William Morris? I was lucky enough to sell wallpapers and curtains from his collection. They're so beautiful.
    Keep on making your patterns, they're so cheerful.
    I've had a lovely day together with an old friend.

  2. Lee, have you ever checked out Spoonflower. It's a website that you can put your designs on fabric. This piece you posted today would make beautiful fabric.

  3. I love pattern too and colour, it makes me happy! yes check spoonflower nice site! have a wonderful weekend and take it easy with that finger of yours!

  4. Hello spring! WELCOME! :)))

  5. I hope the finger is better. It doesn't seem to be holding you back from creating art! I love the bright colors of this piece and think it would make beautiful wrapping paper or fabric.


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