Tuesday, January 29, 2013


as you can see her eyes are not equal, but I am still learning
so I am cutting myself some slack here
so today I am going to tell you my all time favourite art
tool, can you guess I bet you can
your right
white out
not a white pen
but white out in pen form from staples
that is my go to art supply any time I think
I need a pop of something, go back and look and
my art you will see it, I should probably buy stock
in that company.  It lasts longer than a white pen
writes over anything and you can control it just like a pen
Do you have a favourite art supply you use over and over


  1. I like your girl. Different eyes just add personality, we're all more or less like that. White out, never heard of it. Why is it better than a white pen, except longer lasting? Maybe something to buy in the US this summer.

  2. My favs? How can I pick? Those glue pens with the tiny tips. They're a bit more expensive, but I love the fine line application. Oh, and Krylon Fixatif spray. And anything from Prismacolor! Anything!

  3. I forgot, you're girl is a cutie! Don't worry about matching! If I worried, I'd have a terrible time explaining ears (my own two! So not level...)

  4. Lee, what a great idea to use a white out pen...I've never thought of that! But I will now :)

    She is pretty and so are her eyes and I love her blouse!!!

  5. I seen you on Jennibelle site and decided to check out your blog. I love your art.

  6. I seen you on Jennibelle site and decided to check out your blog. I love your art.

  7. Hi Lee! My eyes are not equal either. 😊

    My favorite supply is Goldens Acrylic Glazing Liquid. Hands down. :)

  8. you are the master of the white pen - something I've always admired.

  9. she's a beauty! i heard that no ones eyes are alike - one is smaller than the other.

  10. Your blog is beautiful I enjoyed visiting and was so inspired.

  11. I just read your interview with jelliebeellie, I loved it. I totally understand the painting of the tank top lady. I have only started exposing my arms in public. I realised that one day my arms really will not be fit for the public to see so I had better start baring them before they get too scraggy looking.

  12. her eyes look normal to me = its her head thats tipped to one side! love that top she is wearing!

  13. I have a lot of trouble with eyes in general (and mouths and noses LOL) loving your blog, just read your interview on Jennibellie and was most inspired by you. I have only started to try learn art in the last couple of years and I am 46.


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