Saturday, January 19, 2013

A room with a view

Well its Saturday, its cold and windy and generally crappy out
I have decided not to brave the weather and plan
on staying in all day and just make some art
and if you would like to see a collage that I made out of some provided collage elements here is the link.
what are your doing today?


  1. I like the painting showing her looking out the window. Love those little tendrils of hair on her neck.

    It's a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the mid 60's. But I'm inside painting and playing in the studio. I worked on my 30 day project and now I'm doing some small canvases.

  2. what a WONDERFUL painting!I'm going over to look at your collage!

  3. I just returned from looking at your collage. It's WONDERFUL!!!!

  4. I laughed out loud when I saw this one, I was expecting a front view and this popped up - what a lovely suprise! love it Lee... you have a wicked sense of humour!

  5. Good idea to draw her from the back.
    Great curtains, love the small pon pons. Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. I spent yesterday cooped up inside just drawing and doodling and reading and staying warm, this was my way of letting the bad, cold weather out there know that I can still enjoy myself even if it's too horrible outside so this bad weather might as well just go away and let the spring come :)

  7. Reminds me of me, Lee. I love to stare out the window and lose myself in my thoughts and daydreams. It is a beautiful painting and I love the colors!!!


  8. Great viewpoint! And I enjoyed your collage very much. Did you notice the comment that especially liked your take on the challenge? You are an original!


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