Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Change up


I decided a change-up was in order for today, back to my
colour, you know I love me some colour
I was sketching the other night , drawing from my mind, I know
it sounds crazy but I mean not looking at anything to draw
but trying to draw without a reference, so I decided to
start small and this is what I came up with.  I finished it
and added some colour, scanned and called it done. Then
yesterday I came back to it, and added more colour.
So which one do you like?


  1. I like them both but you know I LOVE color so the second one is my favorite.

  2. Love your red flyer, and the one with all the colours is what I like the most. Love colours.
    It is so much fun to sketch right out of ones head, gives us the power to decide everything.

  3. love them both - esp. the second one!

  4. I really love your sense of color, Lee. The yellow background on the second one is so FUN! I love how the vehicle has the little load tied to the top.

  5. I'm fully into colour so the second one! what a cute sketch!

  6. Hey Lee, I like the second one also because of the arrows and the color, seems to indicate an extraordinary amount of speed and, with the yellow, caution.

    Also wanted to tell you that I forgot to add your name to the thank you list (with Pat) about keeping my pens horizontally (when I wrote about the dog and the bird bath). I need to make my pens last longer and I think that will help.

    I'm sorry to report that my friend won't make it. I went by the hospice clinic tonight to say goodbye. I'm just barely ok. Thanks so much for your kind wishes.

  7. I think your mind makes wonderful things. :) Enjoying my tour through your blog, Lee!!! Hugs-Shelly


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