Thursday, December 12, 2013

14 days until Christmas

since my pool is closed till further notice, I am
adrift in the today hubby and
I are off to Costco for the chocolate and cookies 
Christmas run.  Its still snowing out, I think
we have more snow than the North Pole, plus
the cold weather to boot. 
14 daze until Christmas are you ready 


  1. Oh, no, not ready yet! "Daze" is right! Hope you found great goodies at Costco.

  2. agree with Lesa..."daze" is about right for how I'm feeling this year! enjoy costco! ( wish we had one here)!!! I'm envious!

  3. ps in for a v hot spell here over the next few days... temps here 38c-40C great huh? means being bolted away indoors as its too hot to go outside!

  4. Sounds like winter at your house. We've had colder then normal temps here lately. Below freezing, it finally warmed up a bit today, now they are predicting freezing rain. I'd rather have snow the nice.


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