Thursday, December 19, 2013

an Updated life

It was the hubby's birthday yesterday, and created
this last night, I told him there is a slight
Ok remember yesterday I told you about the Documented life
and how I was going to use a cheap planner.  Well
this morning after a little tiff the hubster's, that man
needs a life outside of this house. I decided a little retail
therapy was needed, and didn't I just go to the bookstore, and loh and behold
what did I spy but a weekly planner (moleskine)
  Before I saw the price tag, I thought ok if its 15.00 I will buy it, but when I saw the
25.00 dollar price tag, I just about choked me.  I mean
its not made of gold.  But the size, and the way
it feels in your hand, and the soft cover.  After the
drooling had stopped, it was still in my hand
and I knew somebody in the universe wanted me to have it. So
it made its way to its new home with me.
  I have already
done the pages with washi tape , and am going
to put on the tabs tonight.  Meanwhile
I have to finish the circle journal, because next
stop for it is Australia, and the way our
mail system works, I could swim with it, there faster.
Okay back tomorrow.


  1. A little retail therapy is always a mood-lifter. Will you be sharing your Documented Life pages sometimes?

    1. yes I for sure will

  2. Lee - the post over here is just shockingly slow, so I think you could probably swim here faster than the postal delivery!!!

  3. How bout a photo of the hubby?


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