Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Art Date

the leaves on this wreath were made from a cheap art pad
they were cut out individually they I painted on them
then overlapped them and glued them.  I was thinking of
adding some Christmas balls.
Today my art friend Gail came over, and we worked in our
Circle Journals, she happens also to be in the group.  I must
say I didn't do to much but paint over not once but twice, the page
I then had to let it dry, and Gail and I went thru my stash, I gave her
some, some went in the garbage, some back to the stash.
All in all a productive day cleaning out my stash, not much
on the art front by me, but Gail worked pretty good on hers.

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  1. Lee...I love this...very creative!!!


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