Sunday, December 15, 2013

life is good

well as you can see there are no pictures of my Midori Travellers Journal.
The hubsters leather coat was to thin
I have some vinyl and I am going to try that
lots of precise measuring
numbers are not my thing
I like to fly by the seat of my pants
that's why my stuff doesn't turn out.
Will have to get the hubsters help with the measuring.
today is like spring out,
global warming at its best
one day so cold you cant stick out a toe
the next day, you could almost wear capris
going to finish the circle journal project today
the shopper is coming for dinner
the boyfriend is working
life is good
see you Monday


  1. we are very alike... in that I also fly by the seat of my pants, never measure, and yes, have trouble without dh's help and my stuff also never comes out unless dh has helped me in some way! its annoying but thats me! enjoy the springy weather!

  2. What a peaceful looking person! The green eyes are lovely. Good luck tomorrow on finding a "just right" material for your journal.


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