Monday, December 16, 2013

Survey says.....

a little Christmas survey for you
do you put your Christmas tree in front of a window ?
do you use tinsel?
do you have a real or fake tree?
does your tree have a color scheme?
does anyone help you decorate it?
do you wait till new years or after to take the tree down 

we have a fake tree with lights already attached
no tinsel in this house
yes in front of the window
no colour scheme, its a grab bag of colors,
yes my daughter helps me set up the tree and decorate, the hubby does not do trees
I take the tree down on boxing day December 26, I have had
enough Christmas by then

ok see you tomorrow



  1. Hello! To answer your survey:
    1. one in front of window, two near French doors, three in the room middle
    2. Tinsel on two trees, but only the ones not available to the dogs. Animals and tinsel do not do well together.
    3. All fake. For years we used live trees and planted them in the yard after Christmas, but Husband says he's aged out of carrying those big tubs of tree and dirt.
    4. The white snowman tree; silver, pink, blue and gold on the downstairs tree; anything goes on the family room tree
    5. Everyone in the house.
    6. Ours stay up until early January. We leave them up late because we usually have company till then and I make a huge mess putting the decorations away.

    Hope you've had an excellent day!

  2. Hi Lee, our tree is placed in the middle of our family room but from outdoors it will be seen in the middle of a specific window.
    Yes, tinsel on our tree.
    Fake tree, best investment I ever did.
    No color scheme, old stuff on our tree.
    No help for decorating the tree.
    Old tradition is followd when taking down the Christmas. January 6th is the day. 13th day of Christmas is the day to put everything away, and I get just enough time to renew the housr for my birthday, the 8th.

  3. Love that flower! So pretty!
    Didn't put up our tree yet .... Always somewhere in the middle of the room, no tinsel, fake tree, no colourscheme, just using whatever survived last year but with a preference for red and orange, my 2 kids decorate it and we only take it down after new years ....

  4. We have a live tree - jammed in the corner by necessity. decorating it is a family affair, and it's filled with a jumble of sentimental ornaments. never tinsel. big old fashioned colored lights. It usually stays up until the weekend after New Year's day, then I spend the next 11 months vacuuming the needles out of every crevice. wouldn't have it any other way!


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