Saturday, December 07, 2013


every year I make something for Christmas
wreaths, cards, something.  This year I
made a few ornaments, here is a random
sampling of some of them.  The red heart
I felted, or tried to, it looks as much like as
a heart as it is going to.  One is made of
painted papers, and a scrap of painted
fabric, with the stamp of joy
one is made from book pages, and a scrap
of painted paper, and joy is white out
So today I am making a few more ornaments
with stamps, I have a whole boat load of
stamps I got from a yard sale and
decided to try them on a ornament.
The shopper just phoned and asked if I
wanted to go and get some lunch, so I am off
talk you soon


  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Love your ornaments. They add a personal touch to your tree.

  2. really love that "Joy" ornament. It's a beautiful combination with the book pages and the painted paper. and it wouldn't be you without some white out!


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