Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing day

Been fooling around with my art journal
the shopper and the boyfriend are off on their trip enjoying the mild temperatures
in Palm Springs
it was quite mild here because it was raining, and then tonight will
freeze and it will be hell here people, I wont be lounging around
the pool with my bare feet getting a tan like the shopper
I got some new 4 wheel luggage for Christmas, but
no plane ticket, what's that about.  I wanted the luggage
because I am getting older and its easier to push, the
hubby cant understand my reasoning, but bless his heart
he got it anyway.
I love Patrica Cornwell, the daughter and the
boyfriend know that and got me her latest
and of course many more items, way to much stuff I was spoiled for sure
well today the tree went down
the house was cleaned up
and you would not know Christmas had been here
the tree has been up since the first week of December
way long enough
ok gonna go and have a chocolate, its still Christmas until
all chocolates are gone


  1. if chocolate is the criteria for it still being Christmas, I think it might be Christmas until July in my house!

  2. Her funky curls look a whole lot like mine! You smart girl for having all the Christmas stuff put away. I'll start on Thursday and, with the weird timing of spring cleaning in Florida, guess what else I'll be doing? I'll be sorting, packing, scrubbing, mopping, dusting, etc. But bring on the chocolates!


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