Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zero hours

So its almost zero hours, are your ready?
If I don't have enough for everyone that's to bad, that's my motto.
Christmas is suppose to be about being together, family time,
not about commercialism.  But hey a little bit doesn't hurt.
We are having Christmas dinner on Christmas eve
first time ever, the shopper and the boyfriend
are going on a little trip for 10 days, and
leaving on Christmas day, which by the
way if you fly on Christmas day is cheaper.
So on Christmas morning it wont be all that
rushing around opening presents, and trying
to get the turkey ready.
Are you having Turkey or what do you have?


  1. Hi Lee...I'm getting ready...will have a quiet Christmas day. There will be some after Christmas family parties. I love the age face in the post below. Have a great holiday time!!! See you in the new year :)

  2. Well Lee, we always have our Christma dinner on Christmas eve, presents and all. No morning running at all. Turkey is for new year here, Christmas eve we eat porks rib. Some people eat salted, smoked sheep- rib steamed and BBQ-d teamed with turnips mash and grease from the meat. We eat that too one of the other christmas days. Enjoy your Christmas!

  3. Around here, Thanksgiving and the turkey. Christmas gets beef (this year, since only five of us will be dining here, prime rib!) On New Year's Day, we have traditional southern US fare: some form of pork (2014 a pork loin roast) with greens (like collards or turnip), representing green dollars, and black-eyed peas, representing pennies, with corn bread and sweet potatoes. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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