Thursday, December 05, 2013

santa baby

have you noticed more and more people are not sending Christmas cards
when you can email your wishes and its gets there in a minute\
phone booths are just about gone, just about everyone in
this world has a cell phone, there used to be phone booths on every corner
you don't even have to go out of your house to buy
Christmas presents anymore, you can order them on line, and be
delivered right to your house
pretty soon, technology wont even need us , except for
one tiny thing to pay for everything we b ought


  1. Hey! I'm back and it's so good to catch up with you and your art. I've already been reading (and laughed out loud at "the girl who could!") I'm away to read more. Love your Santa Baby. Oh, just mailed about 40 card and have more to go. Still love sending them and getting them.

  2. the post office here raised the price of sending a card here by double so this year I sent even less cards! youre right what you say in your post!

  3. She is so sweet her. Yes...we've been noticing all these things and just this morning we were talking about how regular bookstores will be no more. :(

    I suppose whenever we DO send a handwritten card or letter it will be that much more special, right?


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