Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A documented Life

My scanner doesn't scan some colors well,
one of them is the face, in real life it looks fine.
tonight I am off to a journal class, at a new scrapbook
store, am looking forward to it, if the page turns
out in my journal I will show it tomorrow.
Have you heard of the a documented life, done
in a planner go here and read about and join up
sounds like fun
I joined up, you can use any kind of weekly planner, they are using a
moleskine, but I am just using a cheap old weekly planner


  1. love your drawing - she's a beauty!

  2. Wendy8:57 AM

    Hi Lee- love your drawing- It is funny but I also was checking out the documented life project- do you have problems getting into Robenmarie's site?

  3. no I don't , try my link on the right hand side just about at the bottom

  4. I have the same problem with my scanner. Especially fluo-colours are hard to scan properly. Love the girl though, and your dry humor ... :-)

  5. I've just gone over to the site and I'm thinking about joining. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for posting about it.


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