Sunday, December 01, 2013

A little of this and some of that and some crap thrown in

I was getting tired of drawing normal things so here is my version of a reindeer,
sewed with fabric,
well I took the Coptic stich course and made an postcard booklet
used painted paper inside
I went with my art friend Gail, we didn't sit together because when we got in the seats were just about all taken, I sat beside the "girl who could".  Her area was all organized and she was ready to go.
The class was 5 hours long, both Gail and I thought with time like that  we should have been
just about ready to reproduce the bible.  But boy were we wrong, the instructor did it
right, she had us make 2 practice books with scrap paper, we shared with our partners.
I of course got the "girl who could" and of course she figured it out in a second.  Meanwhile
I plodded along at my own pace. Then we started in on our own postcard books.  The "girl who could of course didn't do a postcard book, she did some other fancy dancy thing, and was racing along, she had just about finished when I was still trying to figure out the ruler (lol).  Anyway the instructor comes along and looks at her book, and tells her that she has done it all wrong, and she
has make another book, I just about burst out, but managed to contain myself.  Anyway we just
finished up at about the 4 .5 hour mark.
Since then I have tried 2 times to make a practice book, lets just say I need another class.  But
I am going to keep trying.


  1. well it looks exciting to me!!!!

  2. this is such a funny story! had me in stitches! Lee - you're stories are GOLD!


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