Monday, December 02, 2013

Some Art and some chit chat

love having Christmas art, made these two, putting them on dollar store easels
blizzard today, snowing like crazy and windy
shovelled  the driveway and walks 4 times today with the hubby
had chicken wings for dinner, so good and not healthy
put up the Christmas tree last night with the shopper
wrapped all the presents today
all ready for Christmas bring it on.....


  1. today I realised how behind I am with christmas, so have to get my skates on. Hot here, maybe thats why I'm not in the xmas spirit! tree going up on sunday!

  2. wrapped? you've wrapped????? I'm in awe.
    my tree goes up tomorrow, which makes me very happy, but I've got nothing to go under it yet. Love your little birdie card.


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