Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Postcards on the move.....

This is one of the postcards I sent out for Ihannas swap,
you know I only got one person from Sweden, that said
she received  a postcard.  I have received 10 and let
everyone who had a email or blog that I received their postcard
and a thank you.  You at least like to know that it got to the destination
Today temperatures were really cold, after swimming, and freezing off
my butt, I met a friend at the movies to see the 2 nd movie
in the series  Catching Fire...loved it, great movie

Now i am making some Christmas ornaments, or finishing them off I started them awhile ago and of course left them sitting around in the studio, pictures tomorrow.
While I gotta clean up the mess from dinner, hope you all had a great day


1 comment:

  1. Love the quirky postcards you made! So weird that people don't let you know they received it, that's not really very nice ....


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