Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hello Gus


This is my take on Klimt, I sure his peeps called him Gus way back when.
He what was known as a ladies man, but he only married once, but
managed to have 14 children, I don't know if it was all with the
little woman or not.  He had a thing for painting erotic pictures.
I guess today instead of painting beautiful pictures he might
have been into other sorts of erotica, none I want to know about.
Okay I do like his painting, he used a lot of gold, maybe because
the family bus was gold engraving, you know kind of keeping it
the family.
Glad to see the masters is back and am linking to


  1. Nice work Lee, good to se you around again! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey! Valerie

  2. Great interpretation Lee! I smiled about your thoughts about (Gus)tav Klimt -lol!
    Thank you for this great entry to our Inspired by the Masters theme !
    Happy weekend Lee!

  3. It's great how you have re-painted the master's picture. Your style is phantastic and unique!

  4. Wow,this its great art work,love the beautiful face and the hair.

    XXX Jeannette

  5. you captured his style beautifully!

  6. Love your interpretation ~ it's great!

  7. You painted a very beautiful portrait.
    I am always very fascinated, as many beautiful creations are to be seen daily on your blog. Ulrike

  8. A wonderful interpretation. The face is unique and has a special grace.
    I love the the background in turquois.



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