Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Ideas

I would like to introduce you to Robert Rauschenburg and his art.
He was a prolific painter, sculptor, and collagist.  Used bright
colors, and shapes.  Love his body of work.  Check him out
Now your probably wondering what the city is doing in there, well when
I was drawing the hand I was just practicing and it was only in my sketchbook
and I had decided to use the rest of the page with city scapes for practice.
So you get the whole practice page.
I am linking to this months challenge over at


  1. This is fantastic, what a great idea to combine the city and the painting of the sculpture! Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey again! Valerie

  2. fabulous combining and practising Lee... fantastic colors and drawing -great to see this fab piece at Art Journal Journey!


  3. I love your quirky cityscape.with it's vibrant colours. I think the painting of the hand sculpture fits well with the city in the background. A great page!.

  4. Rauschenburg was prolific! And what a cool inspiration. Love the cityscape around the Rauschenburg-inspired ~ great practice for you ... great fun for us!

  5. All these different and colourful houses are amazing together.

  6. Very creative interpretation of the sculpture. Love it ♥


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