Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oh the excess

I know who has this many pencils.  Who needs this many pencils, there are watercolour pencils, colored pencils, white pencils, drawing pencils
pastel pencils, you name its there. I truthfully didn't know I had this many,
as I always kept them in a drawer, but I wanted to start to use my
stuff and I have to see it to use it.  So I found this old container
that I had for forks and knifes and put all my pencils in there.  I will
not be buying any pencils in the near future.  I bet Picasso back in the
day used one nub of a pencil, and look what he produced.  God
with all this stuff, I should have created 50 masterpieces and been
a millionaire by now.  This is like my walk of shame, that a person
accrues so much, so in the coming days you will see my shame on
full display.  I have paired down and given stuff away and still its a lot.
Ok what do you do with your unwanted supplies?


  1. for some reason i have more pencils! i think someone's bringing them in when i'm sleeping!!!!

  2. I also have pencils and pens galore, and I love them - lots of pencils for different things. If I have stuff I don't need any more I take it to the Kinder Garden down the road, they are always happy o have pencils, papers etc! Valerie

  3. "I have to see it to use it." I feel the same way, as a result I have supplies that rarely get used because they are neatly put away in a drawer. One of the art centers holds a "gently used" sale where you can donate no longer needed/wanted art supplies and the money raised goes to support the center. And, the Surface Design Guild has a giveaway table at its monthly meetings where members can exchange/giveaway supplies.

    1. Thanks for telling me what you do. Do you have a blog

    2. No, just a Flickr site

  4. Is that all the pencils you have Lee? Buy more, you need some more.
    I need all the help I can get to make art so the more supplies the better.
    In comparison to a week's holiday away, the value of a very extensive art materials collection is negligible and has far more lasting value.
    If you sort them into colour and type, it won't look so much.
    Love your blogposts, please don't stop.


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