Thursday, January 01, 2015

The word vs goals

Well happy new year to everyone, hope you are all alive and
well and made it through new years eve.  We had a quiet new
years eve, we went out with friends for dinner early,
and came home, and I was in bed by 10.00  Am I getting
old or what.....
So I have though long and hard about the word every one
does every year, and decided no word for me, I never
quite do the word.  So this year I have decided on three goals
for me to achieve, so today I am sharing goal one.
Goal One...
To sell my art
This is a tough goal for me to achieve, first and foremost, I don't produce a ton
of sellable art.  So that in itself is a big problem.  Second I or my self crtic
always says not good enough to sell.  And last of all I am not good at
promoting myself or my art.  So those are all big problems.  So I had made
these collages above awhile ago, you might have seen them on my blog,
they are all my own design, and papers I have painted and collaged.
When I look at them, I see children's rooms, so I thought that might
be where my market for these are.  We have a second hand used clothing
store just up the street, not you usual second hand, upscale second hand
if you know what I mean.  So this is the plan in the next week, first
go in to the store, (never been in it) talk to the store owner, about
getting some children's art on her wall to sell, and show her these
five and see what she's says.  She can only say she is not interested right.
So that is plan for next week, will keep you informed of my progress
as I go along on this goal.  Tomorrow I will review Goal 2.


  1. How interesting to read about your goals. I think you maybe like lists and organisation? As to your art, this is just my opinion of course, but I think these are pretty good and worthy of a more arty environment like a gallery.

  2. I love your birdies. Best of luck when you approach the store owner and congratulations for putting yourself out there and giving it a shot!

  3. oh boy! good ideas and great work. . .I think that you will find a market for your art - in person and online!!! your artwork is unique and beautifully complex! much success with this first venture and I will def. be following your journey to success...YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I BELIEVE in you!! I always say the answer is always still no if you don't ask! Your work is fabulous and you are not objective enough. I love how cohesive your style is... I agree your work should be in a gallery but I also think that store and others would work too!! I hope you frame them up when you take them there, Michaels always has cheap frames! Also I looked back on so many posts with the perspective of selling and thought you should get Christmas cards made up of the certain pieces you did this year, love the candy one for sure and many others... . You have a great line of greeting cards and prints already! You could compile for next year. You could add some quotes to the ladies with nothing on have so much to compile of wonderful work!! Go back over your art with new eyes....see an office with that print that says "Who's the boss" or Cupcake files for a kitchen, Inquiring minds in a powder room. We are connected as an across the miles greeting card! The puppy dogs you did when you were away could go in a children's picture book add a few more and it's a bigger story...She loves you Yeah yeah yeah is an awesome piece of artwork with a great message so are all the ones you use lyrics on!! You go have soooo much to offer!! I can see tote bags with your art too... I wish someone would license your work! I want large coffee mugs with some of your pieces!! Your art is so happy and is like a dose of joy everyday!! Happy New Year!

    Hugs Giggles ..

  5. Lee! I love your goal to sell your art, and your definite plan for getting that underway. I think Giggles above has some great ideas for you, and I totally agree that you should frame the pieces the way they would look cute in a kids' room for her store. So exciting!


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