Friday, January 16, 2015

The Paint wagon is here....

welcome to my paint party, I have been flinging the paint around,
deciding whats good and whats really old and wont come out anymore.
Throwing the crap out, and re-organizing my paint.  I have a bunch
of paint, I have good, medium, and craft quality, and I use them
all.  What's the problem paints paint, nobody is going to want
to look at my work in a 100 years or more.  Its good for 50, so thats
good for me.
Yep that's right I am not a paint snob.  Yes I did jump on the Golden
paint bandwagon awhile ago, and yes I do use there products I must admit I do like all there mediums.  But I also like to spread the wealth around.  Its the colour
that draws me in.  I also have a cupboard full of paint which I did not
show.  I love my paint wagon, my friend got me from IKEA for\
my birthday and I love it.  I have seen some blogs that use theres for paper,
but I have always used mine for paint, it wheels around anywhere
I want it to go.  I think I might need to invest in another one.
 Well I am off to walk the dog, and then off shopping for a few things
that I don't need but feel the need to buy.  Then a quick stop at the bookstore
and then home.  Its Ribs for me for supper, and the hubster is having
Salmon, fish is not my thing.
What's your day looking like

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