Thursday, January 22, 2015

Life is a beach far away in january

truth be told I wish I was on one.  Have you heard about the 29 faces challenge that starts in February.
I have decided to participate and hopefully all my faces won't look the same.  I feel that you have to start early because I don't think I could finish that many in one month. So far I have 7 done.
And they don't all look the same.  I hope by doing all the faces my faces will get better.  
Today I am off to the art store to buy some paint and a few other goodies I think I need.
Tomorrow the shopper goes on a little mid winter trip to Cali with the boyfriend, I think I need to go on a trip someone and get out of this rut.
Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a rut



  1. I think I was practicing the faces this week...and yes they are way too much the same!! I need to go out of my box a bit. I don't feel in a rut now, but have in the past!!
    I look forward to seeing your faces!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I like this collage, Lee! I am supposed to be practicing faces because I am doing an online class called Radiant: Faces. I've been nervous about it, though, which mean I've been procrastinating!


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