Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Goal 3.......

Well I have been busy these last couple of days.  I am in the middle
or organizing my studio, again.  I tend to do this when I am
in a art rut. Thought I would write a blog post before my day
starts, I am off to the pool, then home to make some vegetable soup.
Well today I am sharing my last goal for 2015...
Working on myself
I need to make more time for myself, who doesn't right It ties into the
other two goals.  I need to lose some weight and keep it off (a never
ending goal).  I want to take a life drawing course at the university.
I want to explore new countries (something I vow to do this year)
I want to volunteer at a school in the art room.
Take time to read more books
be a better mother and wife and friend
Try to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone as much as possible.
and the list goes on.  Did you make a resolution , or any goals that
you want to share, I would like to hear some.


  1. that's an awful lot of to dos. why not throw out the list and just enjoy life. i do think the last one is worth exploring. some famous person once wrote to do something everyday that you haven't done before. no matter how simple. so stand on one foot and wash the dishes. happy new year my friend.

  2. Your beautifully painted lady looks very thoughtful, maybe she's thinking she'll go and read a nice trashy novel in front of the fire instead.
    Good luck with your goals, hope you let us know how you are getting on. More time for yourself sounds good.


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