Tuesday, January 13, 2015

stencil reorg

just a unfinished sketch in my art journal.
  I have been busily trying to think
of something intersting to say on this blog, other than what's on the dinner table.
So today I am going to talk about storage in my studio.  I am trying to find
a working solution for my stuff.  When I say stuff I mean stuff.  I decided
today that I am on a moratorium until I use up my stash of stuff.  First
I want'ed a way to store my stencils.  

I have tried storing them in a box, on a ring, listing them on paper.  Nothing
seemed right.  I decided to go get a 12x12 album, I have different sized
stencils so I am not even sure if this method will work.  The little ones, I am going to store in a smaller binder, then I will have all my stencils stored,
in a binder.  Then sort them into some kind of order that will work for me so
I will be able to find something I want quickly.  As you can see this is a work in progress.  If you have stencils, how do you store them.


  1. Love what you have made! I am not the one to ask about storage, I am chaotic. I have my stencils in a drawer, and sorted, roughly, by size - big help, huh! If you find a good solution, tell me! Valerie

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un superbe dessin qui apporte une belle note d'optimisme en ce coeur hivernal.

    Gros bisous ✺

  3. Your amusing and informative little chats are becoming a first morning visit for me.
    Love your flowers painting, looks well on the way to being finished to me, so many details.
    As to storage, we must have order. I don't have any stencils yet, but if I did I would store them in a ring binder, each in its own poly pocket.

  4. I'd do what Sheila suggests...placing a stick to label what they are keeping themes together! my coolest storage solution has been getting an ikea tuquoise rolling cart..I love love love that thing...you put the supplies you use the most and roll it near you. Amazing how much that thing holds. It can be so organized and the paint is on top and so accessible. Like you I am using things up before I buy more... My cupcake always finds good deals on acrylics and loads me up...but I am finishing lots up... The one thing I bought this year was a whole pile of mixed media books when they were on sale at opus. I am eying the brand new dylustion paints in the states...want them...but until they are accessible I will use what I have! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I keep my stencils in a large binder, with each stencil in its own clear plastic sleeve. But recently I"ve been fantisizing about having clear bags hanging on long rods, like pharmacies have when you go to pick up your prescription. LIke this:

    I'm thinking I could also store all the things I cut out for collages in bags and hang them like this, too.

    1. Hey Claudia, what a great idea, thanks for sharing

  6. Wow, you are such a busy lady! Not only organising your stuff but also sharing the lovely flowers here. They look great! And please be assured I love it to read your "dinner table notes". So don't be shy it's always lovely to read what's on your dinner table :)
    I do not have any stencils too but I'm planning to make some and I would do the same as Sheila suggested and put them into a ring binder.


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