Tuesday, March 09, 2010


 Hand drawn, and painted, 1 scan of my sister

I dont know why my scanner does that to the side, kind of makes it blurry and out of focus.  This is my journal entry for the Past.  I am behind on them oh well a girl can only do what a girl can do.  On a brighter note I am off to one of my favourite stores today IKEA, just to look and I might even sneak in a purchase here and there.  You can't help yourself once your there.  The weather is still holding in a nice pattern so I cant stay in today, must get out and enjoy the weather.  Whats on your agenda today?


  1. Your page is so cute! Looks like she's having fun.

    When I scan my pages I leave the scanner lid up and place my hand on the book and press down to really flatten it out. If I depend on the lid to do it it doesn't work.

  2. Lucky Lee going to IKEA! I think that place has the best clearance selection. I'm sorry for that awful experience at the hospital the other day.

  3. sad page when I read the text... was that your sister?

    Ikea... hmm.. lucky you I have a voucher for that place and yet to spend it there! Tell us what you bought there!!

  4. It blurs because it is not flat on the glass. :)

    Today....another day in the work week.. 9-3 at the computer editing.. 4 more days of editing to go and then the writing..

  5. Beautiful page Lee!
    I hope you enjoyed yourself at Ikea, I try and stay away for that exact reason. Just can't leave without buying anything. :)
    Much Love

  6. I love Ikea too. So much fun and such lovely art which is also so much fun.

  7. wow you are super talented. Mix media is a very cool and amusing medium. It definitely got a point across, I just felt something.

    Visit mine @: http://cardsneverhard.blogspot.com/

  8. OH, A SWING!!!! Let's go do IKEA then step into your page and swing, huh? because otherwise I just have to WORK all day (ack!)


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