Thursday, March 04, 2010

Heart of a Woman

Magazine picture, scrapbook paper, paint, crayon, black ink pen

Now I was not going to watch Oprah today, because Jessica Simpson was on.  But decided while I was getting dinner ready I would have it on.  She said something today which really made me think and want to create a page in my art journal about .  She said beauty is the heart of a woman.  I could not agree more.  It is not how you look, how big or small, how tall or short.  Its all about whats in your heart.  If you have a good heart your inner beauty shines through and that is all that should matter.  And I really believe this I am not just blowing smoke out of my butt.
I had fun creating this page and really put my heart into it (a bit of a pun did you guys catch that).  The prompt today was blue, and there is some blue in the page.  Blue you could do so many things with.  I cant believe I have been working in the journal 3 days in a row,  I am on a roll.  Hope I can keep it up.  What did you do that was fun today?


  1. Wow! I think this is my all-time favorite of yours!!! It's beautiful! I watched most of that interview with Jessica Simpson, too. I came away with an entirely different opinion of her. And I also loved that quote.

    Gorgeous work!!!!!!!

  2. Jessica Simpson has an authenticity I've always liked. What she EVER saw in that diahrea-mouthed idiot John Mayer -- ????

    Your page went STRAIGHT through me -- you caught it, Lee!

  3. Wow, I just love this one. I am so going to have to dable in mix media but havent a clue.

    I can so relate, your beauty will shine through!!

    Awesome blog, Lee:)

  4. and another WOWOWOW from me too, this is just one of the best I think... its so soulful and really speaks its piece so well.

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  6. This is really lovely, and so true! I also enjoyed your "Wild" post a few days ago...Lots of fun, my heart can relate! lol :)

  7. Awesome artwork!!!!!!

  8. I love the piece too. It's lovely and has a wonderful message. I watched Jessica Simpson too and was pleasantly surprised by her interview. She is such a beautiful girl and accomplished singer and to find out she deals with the same issues that so many women deal with was inspiring.


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