Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Self Portrait of a Woman

This is not me, I do not usually wear a gold patch over my eye, its usally black.....(l9l).  And I can draw a woman better than that one, but I did not want her to be to good looking to perfect, because nobody is.
I joined another online bookmaking course, this is the third one I think and still no book to show for it.  Now nothing has been wrong with any of these classes, they all show you exactly what to do, step by step, but
I make be book making stupid.  It is just not happening, but I keep trying.  They mostly end up in the recyling bin (the garbage).  The only thing I did moderatly and I mean moderatly good was Teesha Moore phamplet stich....
You know blooger does not have spell check, or at least I cant find it.  Now when I was working I was a pretty good speller.  But since I have been retired from the working field, my brain has gone to mud and spelling is not quite perfect, with spell check you can at least check your work, before it goes out into the world and others know you are spelling challenged.
Well last night was dinner out with my friend of 40 years, we try to get together at least once a month.  She leads a busy life and her health is not great.  We went out for my birthday which is St. Patricks Day, no I am not irish.  Well stay tuned for more art from me on the morrow.  I just watched an english movie the other day.


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