Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks day to you

I always liked having my birthday on St Patrick’s Day. One because really it’s not a holiday like Christmas when no one wants to give you a birthday present.. Everyone always remembered my birthday. Well every year on this day I look back on my life and kind of have a balance sheet of what’s gone right, gone wrong and can I fix it. Sometimes things are un fixable (is that even a word) and then a decision has to be made, and I think this year is the year for a decision on my life.

Well on a happier note, I went out to lunch yesterday with my mother in-law and sister in law for my birthday. I had the most delicious lunch something I would not normally have , a short rib sandwich with emmenthal (spelling) cheese, toasted on 8 grain bread. Now short ribs are a bit greasy and I have never cooked them, but this was heaven in bread. Well since its my birthday its all about me today, time for a pedicure, maybe a manicure, the shopper is treating me to lunch, and then a little shopping, still never made it to IKEA, so maybe there. There will be no cooking or cleaning in this homestead today I can promise you that,

Whets on your agenda today


  1. You didn't say if you're IRISH!!! happy day, woot woot woot woman! a pedicure sounds grand.

  2. I just love pedicures and being pampered. Good for you!

  3. Happy Birthday Lee
    I hope you have a wonderful day
    I am coming to Edmonton on the May long weekend
    I will let you know more when it get closer
    love ya
    your cousin from Vancouver

  4. Sandy8:49 PM

    Happy Birthday to my dear friend...I hope that your day was nothing less than perfect and as special as you are! Have a great year deserve it my friend!!!


  5. just got back from melbourne tonite... just in time to wish you a very happy birthday!!! many many more Lee! great pages - I'm just catching up a little on my computer tonite!

  6. Happy belated Birthday Lee!!! I thought on you yesterday!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  7. Anonymous12:31 PM

    happy birthday


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