Friday, March 19, 2010


I have been busy with my mother the past few days as she is just a shadow of her former self. She does have colon cancer, but the past week, great changes have occurred with her personality.  My mother has always been a talkative,, happy person who loved life.  In the past week, all of the sudden she has hardly talked, cant remember, and is almost childlike, she is not eating, drinking very little.  I have brought her to my house to stay until we can see the doctor.  Of course the doctore cannot see her until Tuesday.  I have made arrangements for the homecare worker to start to come to her apartment starting on Monday. The homecare worker will ensure that she gets down to her meals, helps with her bath, and ensures that she takes her pills.  She lives in a apartment building that supplies the meals in the dining room 3 times a day, and cleaning of her room weekly. 
I always have  come on the weekend and stay with me, which she enjoys.  We watch tv together, she plays with devil dog, and reads .  Something different for her.  She has diabetes and needs to eat, but she is not eating enough that might be one of the problems.  So I am at my witts end trying to ensure that she eats, and drinks enough.  As you know we were in emergency a few weeks ago because she needed to have fluids pumped into her body.  You know they looked after us all there lives and now its our time.


  1. Oh heart goes out to you. I will remember you and your mom in my prayers during this difficult time. Stay strong.

  2. Anonymous11:30 PM

    three yrs ago I was in the same situation, and was my mums carer till the end. Its a hard gig to live thru, but agree with you that if they looked after us then when they need it we should do the same for our parents too. I will send you (((positive thoughts))) and strenght for you too. Art girl
    from adventures in art blog.

  3. Even if she barely talks, I´m sure she enjoys your company, as she feels the love.

    I agree with you and Art Girl above - our mothers looked after us their entire lifetime and there comes the time the medal turns and we look after them and care for them.

    I can imagine that her being so quiet and a bit confused eventually comes from her lack of liquids and maybe the imbalance of her bloodsugar too. These two things take so much influence on the condition of elderly people. I hope she will be able to drink and eat enough soon again.

    Sending good thoughts to you and lots of healing vibes to your mother, Lee.

    xoxo Bettina

  4. Hi Lee, I send you lot's of strength. Difficult times. Hope your mom is feeling better soon, must be really hard on you!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  5. Lee, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I'll keep you both in my thoughts each day. Sending you a big hug, too.


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