Saturday, March 20, 2010

Retro Art=Talk to the hand

This is a piece of art I created awhile ago, I love the colour and the quote.  I love creating art with colour, I love bright colours I think it makes the art pop.  While Spring is almost here, tommorow first day of spring.  Today it feels like it, was warm and the snow is melting fast.
I want to thank everyone for the nice comments to me about my mother.Things are going b etter here at the homestead with my montoring her.  She needed more fluids, etc.
I am doing a little plexi glass art will show you soon.  I am enjoying  it lots.  If you want to see tuts on it here is the web here is the website, great examples and he is a good artist.

I admire many people's art on the web and have made many web friends, and i wanted to thank you for reading this blog, sometimes it dribble.
Art wise still working in the journal, or trying to a little bit of a block, do you get blocks? What makes you get out of them?
Well talk to you soon, maybe tommorow.

When my daughter was younger she used to say Talk to the hand....that was the idea behind that art


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