Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Playing Games

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."- Kurt Cobain

When i saw this quote for the prompt at Art Journaling.ning.  I knew what I wanted to say right away.  I had already drawn my feet in, I was doodling awhile ago trying to draw feet.  I did not get to Ikea yesterday, sometime this week for sure.  I baked instead  of spending money I opted to put more calories in this body.I should have spent the money.  Last night was in the studio cleaning up and reorganizing seems I do that more than I do art.  I always think it will get my creative juices flowing, doesnt do to much.  But I get alot of re-organizing done.  I am in the spring cleaning mood, I just might tackle a closet today and re-organize that, or maybe just read a book, do some art oh the possibilities are endless when you are not working. All that resting doesnt make the blog that intresting.  Today for sure I am going to photograph a process that I just discovered that works pretty good for me, and I am going to post it step by step tommorow.  Maybe you all know how to do it already, but I am reading a book about transfers and I love it.  I got it from the library it is called Image Transfer Workshop by Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson, there are some transfers I would not do to much work but there are a few that I have tried and they have been pretty good.  Thursday, I am going to show the one with the clear contact paper, or you can use packing tape.  I got a roll of clear contact paper at Michaels for 6:00 and if I dont use it all I can always line the shelves with it (lol). I dont know if any of you who read and this blog (and thank you for reading by the way) watch HOUSE on TV its about a doctor.  Anway this week was about a blogger quite funny actually she blogged everything to funny, hubby commented sounds like you.
I was trying to blog everyday in February to see if I could do it, did not make 28 but made 22.  I am very proud of myself.



  1. Great page Lee! I haven't attempted this prompt yet. I am the exact opposite of you, I push off organizing my art room for creating (have you seen my crazy room on Flickr??). lol
    I have not played with my paint cannon since, I have to let myself cool off a bit. I did have someone comment that I may have gotten a deffective one, I just think I clogged it up. :)
    I will keep you posted though.
    Much Love

  2. love the yellow and the conce pt of the game, its a really good piece and fits the quote well! I like this one a lot! Love the leggings on the legs!

  3. you crack me up, woman! love it! calories instead of IKEA -- think of it this way -- you'll NEED those extra energy calories to trek through that place, right? I've been doing a LOT more reading in my 'down' time and loving it. What did you finally decide to do -- clean? read? paint your toes? I don't watch TV so haven't seen House since the 2nd season -- that character is SUCH a hoot, though!

  4. Your page is so good....I love the whole idea behind it. Ah, the games people play!

    I need to do some cleaning and organizing in my's a total disaster right now!

  5. Hi Lee, spring cleaning mood....had that already too. It's on break right now due to couple of birthdays the last two weeks.
    I read you tried out the contact paper transfer! Glad it worked out for you! Looking forward to see your step by step post.
    So enjoy creating and spring cleaning;)
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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