Monday, March 29, 2010

Play along with me.

Over at she did this snippet thing, so I like it and i am going to give it a try.

what am I wearing:  jeans, bare feet, and sweat shirt, no bra
outside my window:  rain, dark, windy
watching:  Life unexpected, I love this show
dinner:  ginger beef and rice out for dinner with hubby
shopping: Book store, Apprentice magazine, True Vision book
money:  won 100 dollars today at the hospital, in a pull tab;;;;;
artsy things:  working on my tabs for my urban journal and loving it
accident:  backed into a wall while trying to park scratched car no dent, did not tell hubby
good deed:  helped an artist in Toronto get a submission into the arts council here
need:  a new camera,
want:  a wicker chair from IKEA for outside my front door
thankful:  that you read all this


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  2. oh I love these snippets.. if dh wasnt home I'd be giving it a go..when hes home nothing gets done! :(

    great page Lee!

  3. Love your snippets....congrats on winning the $100 but Boo Hoo about scratching the car.

    Your art piece about shoes is great. I used to have a shoe addiction!

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Hi Lee
    Glad to hear Auntie is doing better I love you art and your blog keep it up
    say HI to Auntie for me and tell her I miss and love her very much hope to see you in May
    love always
    your cousin Kathy in Vancouver

  5. love this format! I really enjoy reading about your life Lee.

  6. This is wonderful Lee!! Congrats on the winnings. Art supplies?? ;)
    Much Love


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