Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Born to be Wild

Born to be wild my favourite Steppenwolf song.  Because I  was not a"wild child".  I always wished I was one ofthose cool chicks, that did what they wanted and lived on the wild side. But they are aprobably all dull old housewifes now.
Does Journalling get your motor running.....I cant just journal I have to draw something, add something make the page my own.  I wish I could, just journal put it all down and be done.  But then there would be nothing to look at on my blog.  I dont always write what I want to on the pages I show you.Because as someone who reads other people journals on there blogs, I am sure some read mine..  I dont show  the pages where I get down and dirty and spill my guts and rant and rave, do you? And I do hove those days.  One time my therapist (yes I had a therapist) told me to go home and yell at the paper, she meant write everything down that I was keeping to myself and then read over and rip it up.  It did help me crazy no.                      
Today's journal prompt over on Art Journal is "credit cards", thats a thinker for sure.


  1. Never too late to live on the wild side lady lee : )

  2. Krissie5:03 PM

    Hi, I joined the art challenge and finding it a challenge already... lol... credit cards? wow what do Iknow about those. I started a new blog just for art now.. I cant be bothered with all the other stuff and maybe this will help keep me motivated do some more art stuff!! fingers crossed. I cant keep away from blog land! lol!

  3. heres the link to my new home!

  4. I've been wanting to start an art journal for a long time. I used to keep one when I went to school for it but I never seem to find the time. Thanks for the post I appreciate it.

  5. Steppenwolf!! yesssss ... wild is as wild does (to sorta quote Forrest Gump!) ...

    meanwhile, yes, just plain old writing-journaling SO does it for me. I want to do a post entitled 'I Don't Need Prompts - I Need an Off Button!'

    this page is cool!

  6. Be wild in your journal ;) I would love to start an art journal. Have a great day!!

  7. I was a bit of a wild child in my younger days but nothing too bad. As for writing in my journal, you know I struggle with that one. I don't always have anything to say! I kept a written journal for years and I think I finally just got tired of "hearing" my voice!

  8. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Hm hm.. that's quiet interessting but actually i have a hard time seeing it... wonder how others think about this..


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