Tuesday, January 10, 2012

are you organized

over at http://balzerdesigns.typepad.com/balzer_designs/ its organization
week for the studio, or where you create art   and I am loving it.  There
is nothing I like better than going down to the studio and reorganization
that is my form of avoidance, going down there to create art, and
instead cleaning the studio.  But I cannot create art if I am
constantly wondering where i  put a supply.  I have found
some handy things at thrift stores and ikea etc.  and this
week I will show some of them to you.  Do you have
any good tips for us that you use.  Lets share,


  1. You sound like me. I can't create in chaos which is how my studio usually is. I love organizing things, too. I don't have any good tips but I'll be checking to see if anyone else does.

  2. Hello Lee here I sit in my chaos (btw I think every good artist is a chaot, hehe) and think what to do. From time to time I reorganize all things and give them a new place, so I can find it with one grip...lately I have created a file for all my magazin pages and scrapbookpeaces and so on... so now I found all my paper in one file, ordered by topics...hope you can understand my gibberish ;-)

  3. Hi Lee...I'd like to have my art supplies be better organized. I had my art space cleaned up before Christmas but it's rather chaotic right now. I'll check back too...for any good tips.

  4. I find not finding something a pain and difficult, but then I create better if the place/desk where I'm creating is a mess it gives me that energy I need!

  5. I love to use organizing as a form of procrastination, too! I have been enjoying Julie's posts, and thought I would share some of my "organizational methods" (heavy on the quotes) on my blog later this week...we'll see!

  6. The only organizing tip I have is that I keep my pens, pencils and brushes visible on the top of my desk, sorted into three bins. Not only are they easy to find, but I think they're beautiful. I found a pretty metal basket that's just right for my brushes, but I'm still looking for something interesting for the pens and pencils. They're so colorful that I don't mind they're in a plastic bin, but I'm really enjoying the thrill of the hunt!


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