Sunday, January 15, 2012

How a sketch goes from bad to ..........awful

when art goes bad it goes bad
started out with a bad sketch
then re sketched and add colour
and don't ask me why i put the
squiggly lines on the page,  and
the color of the fish what was I thinking 
stinky fish, stinky art
but i did not rip it out as much
as I wanted to. You only learn from your mistakes
 What do you
do if you create bad art


  1. I love your blog post make me smile! I like that you share the pieces you like AND the pieces that don't turn out like you had hoped.

  2. I keep my bad art and often snip it into pieces and use the "good bits" somewhere else. I enjoy your "awful" fish!

  3. Your "awful" fish isn't so bad. When I do bad art I show it on my blog and then either paint over it or try to salvage parts of it to use in something else.

  4. Hi Lee...I like all the stages :)

  5. your fish only looks grim, but that doesn´t mean that it can´t be good art ;-) I like it!


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