Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Priortize my life

I dont make resolutions because when I fail I beat myself up over it.
But this year I want to make more time for my art,
I dont know why I dont have more time, I dont work, I
thought that when I didnt work I would not know what to
do with myself.  So here is what I am going to start doing

1. Go on the computer only once a day at the end of the
day while I am sitting watching tv, and then I can
browse as long as i want. I can
go hours, just checking blogs, art sites.

2.  Plan a specific time when I go to the studio each

3.  Get a specific schedule for the house
certain days, the wash etc

I used to go to the studio at night and spend hours
down there, but now that I don't work I don't
have to do that, I should be able to get
everything done around the house
and have plenty of time left for me.

How do you do it?


  1. sounds like a plan. i work at a day job so have to do my art around my work schedule that's why i started doodling. i can take my journal anywhere, or even by the tv.

  2. I am a high functioning freak! I create all the time, take photos all the time.
    In the studio every day....and I love every minute of it!

    I do need to set aside time to do more journaling!

    What keeps me going?
    Simple. Coffee. Creativity. Life.

    Ciao Bella


  3. between tv and computer - and thats checking and reading blogs... I waste a lot of time... dh is starting to complain! so you sound a lot like me! I dont have the answer but when u do find one please blog about it so that I can read it! ( and maybe )take it on board! lol!

  4. it's easy for me when I'm inspired. If I'm "on fire" I squeeze in art all day long. I'm very likely to be in the studio at 5:30AM, laying down a few layers of paint while the coffee brews, before my shower, before i leave for work. I squeeze in 10 minutes in between feeding the family and helping with homework. I sneak off in the middle of conversations. I can be crazy productive in 15 minute spurts. (and I take time out of my day job to surreptitiously read some blogs so that it doesn't dominate my "free" time). of course when I'm NOT feeling totally inspired I walk around complaining that there's not enough time to make art. all that being said, I think you are incredibly productive and will be excited to see how much MORE you can create if you find more time in your day for art.

  5. Sounds very good. I don't make resolutions either, just following my heart, which involves constant learning, lot's of art, feel good time, and probably going new let's see what this year brings, smiles, Anke :)

  6. My studio is just off the family room and kitchen (and the laundry room is just around the corner) so I'm at the heart of the house. I can pop into the studio and do something quick, then out again to do something in the house. But my priority is ART! The house can always take back seat unless I'm having company....then I shut the studio door and clean everything to within an inch of its life!


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