Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding my muse

Last night while in bed, I was thinking about muses.  I
was wondering why I don't have one, I have looked
all over the studio,   asked it to
come out and talk to me.  But no muse
I finally realized its only me in the studio.  How
do I know this well If I had a muse it would not have
let me put those black lines around the whole
sketch now would it? If you have
a muse, could I borrow it, or could
you ask if it has a friend for me.


  1. lee - I LOVE this sketch... I think your muse is right there behind you!!

  2. posting in again! will email you Lee
    cheers K.

  3. feels good to be posting!

  4. Your muse is right there. I don't think the black lines are bad. I rather like them.

  5. I think you MUST have a are so prolific with your art. I am so impressed, encouraged, and inspired by how often you draw and paint and sketch and share!

  6. you are so sweeeet and you make me laugh out loud :-) your pic is so nice! I think the outlining idea is pefect, but maybe it looks a bit better, wenn the lines touch the vase on some points... donßt know if I am right?!

  7. please try it out and give a response :-)

  8. Lee! I love this sketch AND all the lines. :)


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