Friday, January 20, 2012

Smile your on Candid Camera

I don't like getting my picture taken at all
I look awful and i am not just kidding
I am self conscious my smile looks like
its pasted on, and doesn't it seem when
somebody takes your picture its
at that moment when you don't look your best
I like mysterious pictures half the face,
just the eyes.  Do you like getting your picture taken?


  1. I never like having my picture taken. I think since I've had my blog there have been more photos of me than almost any other time. I have tons of photos of me as a kid but very few of me as an adult.

    I agree - a half face is interesting. And fun to paint.

  2. no I dont... maybe when I was young or younger but less and less as I get older! I do like the half face idea!


  3. Notice I only use a drawing of me...there's a reason or more! LOL!

  4. Well, there's that one profile picture I forgot...but it's at least four years old.


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