Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mini studios on the move

I find that sometimes I don't want to create in the studio, I want to
be where all the action is , watch tv, once in awhile talk to Hubby.
So I bring stuff from the studio   but then all my art stuff is all over the place in my house.
So I went out and bought this bench its faux leather i think it was 80 bucks.  Not only do I get extra
seating  in the family room but  I got the storage I needed.   This baby was full, but i
just took a bunch back down to the studio, and this
is what is left.  You could also use those little
leatherette stools that open for storage.  So if you think you cant 
create art because you dont have a studio, you are wrong.  You
don't have to pay a ton to have your supplies handy Tomorrow I will show you how I store my paints
so that they are handy and ready for use in the studio.


  1. Super cool idea!! Extra seating plus art supply storage....I love it.

  2. nice idea! oh, and so very cool ideas to store teh supplies... its time to get organized ;-)

  3. Great idea, Lee!

  4. Good for you! What a great idea for keeping your art materials close at hand but not all over the place. We got a bench like that for our kids' toys, then reconfigured and put it up in our bedroom for blankets. But this is a MUCH more interesting use for it.


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