Monday, January 30, 2012

Crosseyed Cat

  1. Playing along with Carla Soneheims book, making cross eyed cats
  2. Ordered Traci Bautista (spelling) new book Doodles Unleashed
  3. Had an art ephimay  created in the art room till all hours of the night Saturday
  4. I know I said I was not going to take any more classes for awhile but signed up for two
  5. Made Swiss steak in the crockpot delicious for dinner last night (out of Weight Watcher cookbook)
  6. Counting my calories to lose weight
What's new in your life?


  1. your list is FABULOUS. What were you up creating at all hours of the night?

  2. Pictures of your new art room coming soon? Love the cat!

  3. Hi must be taking Carla's current class? What other class did you sign up for? I love this cat, it is a cool cat! Let us know what you think about Traci's new book. I'm still carving stamps but that not really new anymore.

  4. also trying to lose weight for THAT wedding lol! loving your energetic creations!

  5. LOVE the cross-eyed cat!

    What classes are you taking? Aren't they hard to resist?!

  6. Great cross-eyed cat, Lee! I'm curious about what classes you are taking, too. I am just starting Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love...must learn to love my writing, and make it more interesting!

  7. This is my favorite, your cat is cool :D


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