Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mish Mash wednesday

lately i have fell in love with tombow markers,
its so cold here you don't need a freezer you could just use your deck
i have been playing along with Traci B her doodles check it out
and its doodle month at
sketchbook challenge check it out
have been busy with my book of days, slowly and surely I am catching up
if you don't know what it is and its free here's a link
and I have been working on sketching each day to
try improve on my drawing, all I do is sit down
and sketch anything I see, or comes to mind, for just 10 minutes or more if you have
the time.
I am also working on a swap with two lovely ladies and I am having
a hard time with that, it seem when I have to make something for someone
else I freeze...those old fears come over you and the magic doesn't happen (lol)
Well I better go check my snowsuit on as I have to go out
and battle the elements, i have to get out of this house
so I don't become a hermit.  One nice think about where I live
though it might be so cold you could freeze in a minute, the sun
is always shining


  1. Love you Cool looking Roadrunner, it is a Roadrunner right?

    People must think I am crazy cause to me I been freezing my butt off at nights way down here in San Diego, and to think I think it's cold here while are totally freezing?

  2. Yes the dreaded freeze when we do swaps.... know it well!

    v v hot here, so maybe a freeze would be good! lol... love your sketches!

  3. ps saving the effie wild book of days for another time to tackle! looking forward to seeing yours though!

  4. Well, our weather is back to grey and freezing temperatures...but it's suppose to be back to snow let's see. I am kind of 'resting' creating collages, this week was already so busy that I am to tired in the evening, oh well. Sometimes the crazy creative brain needs a rest too.
    Have a good warm day inside, smiles, Anke :)

  5. No need to freeze over a swap....the people involved will love whatever you do! I treasure the art you've made for me. It's some of my favorites.

    As for weather I'm sure you don't want to hear that it was almost 70º yesterday and probably more of the same today.

  6. Ah it is you that linked me into the Book Of Days Lee. I am having some fun with that here too. Thank you.x


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