Monday, January 23, 2012


I was kind of an oddball when I was growing up
I loved to read for hours on end
draw, and I could just be happy on my own.
Where as my older sister was always out with friends,
chasing boys and generally getting into some form of
trouble, (of course I was envious wishing I
could be that kind of girl, and looking up 
to my older sister).  But years later when
we were older, my sister told me she
was envious of me because I was
the one who could just be happy, and
had no need to prove herself to others.


  1. You and I are so much alike. That was me as a kid, too. I loved reading and drawing. I had one good friend but was never a social butterfly and I'm still not. I like getting together with friends once in awhile but I can be perfectly happy just playing in the studio.

    PS - I love this piece!!

  2. No not odd, actually lucky! Makes life a little easier, because you know ways to recharge. I was the same way and sometimes still like that, but I also learned how to have fun with friends and being extrovert.

    So enjoy your alone time!!!
    Smiles, Anke :)

  3. Each of my siblings are very different from the others. A friend told me once that he enjoyed knowing each of us but, he noticed, that when we all get together, we're like a whole entity. When one of us can't visit, it's as if part of our group personality is missing. Different but all part of our family, ah, puzzle? LOL!

  4. I was like you too... quiet and read a lot and drew at my little desk and was happy. I still have a desk, read - blogs now, and still love to putter around my desk and drawing supplies... maybe we never change?

  5. Hi Lee...I've always been an oddball too...for many of the same reason you mentioned. I love this piece...very different...but odd(in a good way)...haha!

  6. Most of the people I love and admire and respect were oddballs in their youth. I always struggled so desperately to blend in - I wish now I'd been more comfortable being myself. As a mom I want my son to have an easy road - to be well adjusted and well liked. but then I remember that those people are BORING and sometimes they are jerks and I to be careful what I wish for. LOL. good thing it's out of my control! I love your one-eyed wonder. she's fantastic.

  7. to be an odd ball you have to be able to define normal. we are not odd because there isn't a normal.

  8. Great page, Lee!

    No...not odd. :)

  9. HI Lee both blogs are open, and mine - winterwood and adventures in art are mine .

    Art will go there and the day to day stuff will be usually at winterwood. comment on whichever one you like ... cheers krissie/art girl/adventures in art/and winterwood, sorry for the confusion!

  10. this piece is quite lovely. and the colors are awesome!


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