Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Need them, use them, store them

Hey, how are you all doing?  Yesterday absent from the blog , was going to my course that I am taking
Healthy Living, Healthy Body.  Because I really want to stop my 4 pk a day habit of smoking, drinking   a48 bottle for breakfast, and doing drugs.  (lol) which by the way I don't do.   But this is the year I am going to get healthy mind and body.

As you can see from the picture those are my markers, (not all of them just the ones I use the most) obsession or what, anyway I had them in a box, then saw a you tube video on storing them this way.  Now I don't know which way is right lying them down, or standing them up.  Some say that they dry out faster if you stand them up.  What do you think?  Also I really want you guys to watch this video, if you like washi tape, and find it to expensive to buy, this is the coolest thing ever, make you own, use fabric, paper whatever, I am definitely going to try it.  Here is the link for it  hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. Your markers look cool...handy to grab and you can see what colors you have.

    I've heard both storage things, too. Many years ago HB bought me a big 128 set of Prismacolor markers. They came with a storage thing that kept them standing up. Some of them seemed to dry out pretty fast but others are still going today.

    As for making my own washi tape I don't know why I can't just cut a thin strip of whatever paper I want and just glue it down on a page! Who would know if it was tape or not!

  2. I like how you use rubber bands as dividers...what a great idea! I've always heard that pens should be stored on their sides to keep them from drying out, but I don't do that. Janet is SO right about just gluing down whatever you want and calling it "tape"! :-)

  3. Keep 'em flat! Keep 'em flat! Trust me on this one. :)

    If you must store them upright, store them tip side down.

  4. Hi Lee...I saw on another website that you can also use the paper-like medical could use spray inks and use stamps to make a pattern along the tape after you put it on wax paper as shown in the video. I just got a Xyron create a sticker machine...I plan to use it for gluing small items and I'd also thought about running strips of paper through it to make my own tape. I haven't tried it yet. They were on sale at

  5. we have a heat wave here... 40 and 42 tomorrow and till next week without let up, so looking for things to do inside in the cool!.gonna look at that link later! do you really smoke? I used to but gave up yrs ago.

  6. Hi Lee, looks pretty organized and tempting right away to use them and work with them.....concerning me, I wonder how long that would stay like that, lol. Once creating everything is upsidedown, lol

    Smiles, Anke :)

  7. Okay, your list of bad habits totally cracked me up.


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