Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Old acquaintances

Another 10 minute sketch, with added watercolour

well today was beautiful weather
me out having a walk around the bookstore
having a diet coke and a muffin
reading a good book
cooking chili
and making banana muffins
and seeing someone you have not seen in in i bet  40 years
  remembering the good times and the bad
not let her see you, because she doesn't look like she has aged
and you don't look like the girl you were
now this is fodder for my Book of Days


  1. I baked oat bran muffins yesterday! love that sketch/watercolour. I did look into your links and the book of days!

  2. Muffins must be in the air cause I too also baked up some Orange Muffins yesterday evening.

    I am not sure if I could just watercolor in only 10 minutes, however I can sketch a fast cartoon in about 5 minutes without any detail stuff in the picture that is.

    ha ha

  3. great sketch. trying to jump into book of days before there's so much content that I get overwhelmed. we'll see.

  4. Hope you had a great day!!!
    Smiles, Anke :)


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