Monday, January 09, 2012

Art Hands

A page out of my everyday book that I sit and watch tv with and doodle 

weather perfect
brainstorming ideas for two collages
browsing thru the Picasso Sketches book from Library
going to Second Cup for hot choclate, lowfat muffin and relaxation
no housework shall touch these hands today
what are you doing today


  1. I love your doodle critters and flowers!! I'm doing nothing (so far) ha! Have a good day.

  2. i love love love those birds. today I am quite grumpy to be at work. and not only at work for my normal 8 hour day, but staying for an evening meeting that will get me home too late to dive into any serious art projects. grrrr....

  3. Love your critters! Today I've been watching lots and lots of videos. Some for classes and then some on Netflix. Plus I also did a little bit of housework though!

  4. I do admire your art energy - doodling, sketching whatever! no houseowrk here either...tooo hot to do any!

  5. Hi Lee...almost no housework today, did a lot yesterday,well except vaccum cleaning, that is a everyday MUST, lol. So let's what else I will do in between pick-ups, drive-theres and the rest. We already took a walk and had SOME blue sky, felt awesome!!!! But now back to grey,
    smiles, Anke :)


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