Thursday, January 05, 2012


We have had extreme weather here
this morning it poured rain, and the wind howled
and its way above zero, now where I
live once winter comes, its here
and its a deep freeze until spring.
So watch out Hawaii before you
 know it you will have our weather
and we will have yours.

ok am i obssed by the weather or what,
Canadians are a bit weather crazy and
we do alot of talking about the weather (lol)
So now you know I had nothing to say
today.   so I just  better shutup and go and get my bathing suit
on and go out and get a tan


  1. we do the same here. it's been warmer then usual, and a real dry spell last month. now it's warm and rainy. i guess all we can do is take is as it comes and don't believe everything the forecasters predict. use a little spf15 before you go out.

  2. Hi Lee...really expressive face!!! We are having unseasonal warm temperatures. It's almost 57 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be warmer...unheard of for January.

  3. You won't want to hear this but it's beautiful here today. Sunny and about 70ºF and it isn't even noon yet. Put on your swim suit and come on over!

    Love the face you drew! She looks great.

  4. I think the sun is getting confused...he is supposed to be over here in with us, instead we are having v unseasonal rain... and wind and its a lot cooler than its supposed to be! thats good and not so good climate wise!

    I lived your post - v funny made me giggle!

  5. What luminous eyes! Love the sketch! And you're a funny girl!


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