Thursday, January 12, 2012


 i use a lazy Susan, and some containers I found at home goods, on my table, cheap and expensive paints
together, on the lazy Susan they turn so I can see everything at a glance.  |The mediums and containers of
paint I store behind me in the selves

 I store all my paper in this sweater rack I found at the goodwill store, all scrap paper etc, I have
not filled it all up yet, as It is fairly a recent addition to the studio, but now I can find paper at a glance
 I have this roll cart for ages, I see now Michael's carry them, I have load of things in them , not all
labelled yet, I have pastels, pens, carving tools, watercolours, glues

right behind where I sit I have a screen modem that I use my laptop with when I watch a online video
demonstration,  and my sewing machine next to it, when I want to sew paper etc.

 Sometimes I don't want to sit and create so this is my stand up area, where all the magic happens (lol) or my cutting area,

right across from where I sit is a rack that holds my paintings, books, my stereo, containers, brushes

this is where I have my easel, see that closed door that is where
I put my paper holder in the previous picture

Nice tape this is a folding table that i bought to create on, and If I clear the other side I can have a partner
come over and create with me, your all invited. I know I am lucky to have my own space to create and make a mess and just walk out if I want to. 


  1. Lee, your studio looks wonderfully organized. I love the sweater hanger thingy...that will hold lots of paper...I need that for my collage papers. Neat art space!!!

  2. LOVE seeing this! The sweater thing is BRILLIANT. I think I have one of those somewhere that I no longer use...hmm...

  3. Like the others, I think the sweater hanger is a great idea. Your studio looks bright and organized and I want to come play.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!! your studio is fabulous!! no wonder you create everyday! I love that cart idea and off course music there is essential! wow thanks for sharing your wonderful space with us!

  5. I'm so nosey! I loved seeing what must be one of your favorites places in the Universe! Great job on keeping things organized and therefore handy when you so often feel that creative urge. Good thinking all the way around!

  6. Wow thank you for the peek into how you organize so that you can create. I am thinking about how to make this easier for myself just now so great to be able to look at how you do it. Thank you.

  7. What a great space! Thank you for taking us on a tour. I really like those two-tiered storage things on top of the Lazy Susans!


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